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Food/Aid Stations & Sign Posting of Races – Kassios Dias 2023′

01 Mar, 2023

Race 80km.

The athletes’ effort will be supported by 7 full food/aid stations and 3 auxiliary ones as shown in the graph below.

Complete Food/Aid Stations

The fueling stations will provide, water, isotonic, coca cola, nuts, dried fruit, savory, toast, chocolate, tea-coffee, banana – orange.

Central Station (Pantokratoras) & Cutoff Station (Perithia)

The central station at the top (36.5 km) will have additional hot food (soup, boiled potato, pasta) and the Cutting station of P.Perithia 61 km. hot soup.

Auxiliary Stations

Aid stations will only provide water, coca cola.

Obligations of Athletes

Each athlete is required to carry a 500 ml water container and a small collapsible glass for feeding him at the stations.

The Design of the Stations

We believe that the design of the stations is such that it can support the complete hydration and energy supply of each participant, in addition to any specialized products desired by each athlete. At the 10 stations there will be a relevant sign, a map showing the km and the distance to the next one for the complete positioning of the athlete.


The ten stations and two more selected points (12 in total) will also be check points, so the athletes must have their number in a visible place so that it is clearly visible for recording.

Station Pantokrator (ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ)

Attention at the central station of Pantokratora where the athletes must follow the marking ribbons and enter the forecourt of the monastery where the central station and the drop bags will be so they can be recorded.

Cutoff Stations

We remind you that there are three cutoff stations at 15.7 km at 10:15 am. Kremmythas (4 hours and 15 minutes) at 36.5 km Pantokratoras (10 hours) at 4:00 p.m. and at 61 km P. Perithia (15 hours and 30 minutes) at 9:30 p.m.

Major Change

A significant change compared to last year’s race is the above time given between Pantokratoras and P.Perithia.


Race 35km.

The 35 km race will be supported by 5 main stations and one auxiliary.

Food/Aid Stations

The main stations will be located at the 5.5th km of Kremmithas 1, at the 16th of Pantokratoras, at the 24th of Kremmithas 2, at the 27th of Ag. Stefanos, at the 31st of Avlaki and will provide water, isotonic, coca cola, nuts, dried fruits, salty, toast , chocolate, tea-coffee, banana-orange and the helper at Porta 8.1 km. water, coca cola and salty. The central station at the 17th km Pantokratoras will also have hot food (soup, boiled potato, pasta).

Cutoff Point (Pantokrator)

There will also be an cutoff point (Pantokrator) at the 17th km at 5 hours (2:30 p.m.). All stations and two additional points chosen by the organization are also check points, so all athletes must be registered.


Race 11km.

The 11 km race is an introductory race, so the energy needs of the athletes are not great. There will be a feeding station at Ag. Stefano 5th km (water, coca cola, salty) and water, isotonic in Avlaki 8.5 km which are enough to cover the race.



Races Sign Posting

The markings of all three matches are interwoven with the color of the event, orange. All the way and almost every 50m. distance there are prominent signs alternating with orange, Cassius logo signs and project ribbon. The new element in signaling is also the orange flags that were included in our effort to reduce the plastic ribbon to the minimum possible. We do not follow any other type of signaling and if for a period longer than 100 m. one of the above types of signaling is not perceived then we turn back to find the last visible sign. The first 12 km and the last 30 km also have night reflective signaling.