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Technical Update 80km & 35km – Kassios Dias 2023′

03 Mar, 2023

As less than 24 hours before the start of the two Saturday matches it is time to inform the participating athletes of important technical details of the race.

Weather Conditions

The weather during Saturday is rainy with a high chance of rain. Almost all the forecast models give rain but without any extreme weather phenomena appearing. The temperatures range from 8 degrees minimum to 12 degrees maximum and low cloudiness (fog) is predicted in the mountainous part of the race, around Pantokratoras. Great attention from everyone because movement on a wet and slippery terrain carries risks. The Kassios Dias Team will try to judge the state of the paths by putting volunteers in dangerous parts of the race to protect the athletes from falling. In both races, everyone must have a good windproof – waterproof jacket, an aluminum blanket for the 80 km athletes and a head torch. We recommend especially for the 80 km and long leggings.

ATTENTION no one will depart from the central stations of Pantokratoras and P.Perithia without the mandatory equipment specified by the organization. Special attention on the descent from the first peak of Metagona (80 km), and on the descent after Pantokratoras station (80 -35 km) due to the large slopes and slippery conditions.


Delayed Start – Stopped Race

In case of adverse weather conditions, there may be a postponement of the starting times of the races. The organization will inform about this at the launch site and on social media. The race can only be interrupted in case of extreme weather (strong storms of long duration). Each athlete will stop at a feeding station to be protected and will be transported from the event to the starting point. If the phenomena are transitory (short storm) the race will continue from the stop point and the restart time will be recorded and the stop time will be deducted. The organization reserves the right to bypass parts of the route if it deems it necessary for the safety of the athletes. Please follow the instructions of the volunteers as it is for your safety. Above the participation number there are two telephone numbers of the organization that you can contact in case of need.

The marking is very dense with the dominant color being orange every fifty meters or so, so if an athlete realizes that he has not seen an orange mark, the pennant or project ribbon goes back until he finds the previous mark.

The start times of the races are 06:00 am for the 80 km and 09:30 am for the 35 km. We remind you that the exclusion time limits for the 80 km it is 20 hours and at 35 it is 9 hours. In the participation package as well as on our site, there is also a relevant graph that shows in detail on the altitude profile the times and intermediate points of exclusion.

We remind you that your participation number must be visible on the front of your body so that you can be registered at the points designated by the organization as check points. You place the electronic recording chip on the front of the shoe on the shoelace.


After the central station in Pantokratoras the athletes of 80km and 35km follow a common course for 800m. approximately (descent) and there they will meet a dividing sign that separates the two routes. At 80 km follow the orange sign indicating the distance in km and take the dirt road to the left and at 35 km follow the blue sign following the path to the right


Drop bags can be delivered on Friday evening 7-9 and Saturday morning 5:30-5:45 at the secretariat. Inside the envelope with the participation number there is a tag with the athlete’s number that must be attached to his bag with a parcel provided by the organization. There is no drop bag for the 35 km race.

In the morning, 10 minutes before the start, a brief technical briefing will be given regarding what’s new and you will be informed of any changes or modifications due to weather conditions.


We wish you the best of luck with a healthy and safe termination

Kassios Dias Team