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Volunteering is something that touches all of us, irrespectively of social status, profession or age. It comes from the soul of a person and it pervades the environment he moves and lives in without any special effort, barriers or restrictions. The volunteer feels fulfilled by giving.

Ways to Help

Indicative things you can help with are:

  • Opening of paths – signposting of the route
  • Administration support
  • Water stations
  • Guides – drivers along the route
  • Awards
Volunteer Registration

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    Volunteer Programme

    The volunteer programme of KASSIOS DIAS aims to offer the people of our region the opportunity to bring to the organisation of the event their good will, passion, love and knowledge. The volunteers interested to join us can offer their services as much during the preparations as on the day of the race.

    To become a volunteer, register your interest on:

    69728372021 – 6974457449

    Following your registration, we will contact you to inform you about the field and the specific position you will be offering your services.

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