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Race Safety – Kassios Dias 2023′

28 Feb, 2023

Volunteers, Rescue Teams and Doctors

As in last year’s race, this year the organization is making an effort to cover 100% of any incidents that may occur during the two-day races. In this year’s organization for the safety of the athletes, the E.E.E.D. Corfu (Hellenic Search and Rescue Association) which together with a branch of the E.O.D. Corfu (Hellenic Rescue Team) will be with vehicles and volunteer rescuers at points along the route to ensure the smooth running of the race. At selected points of the route there will also be an eight-member team of students from the Medical School of the University of Ioannina so that they, in turn, will cover the needs of the race. The race will be supported by an ambulance at the start-finish area, kindly sponsored by the Mastoras Medical Center as well as by the doctors and friends of the organization Hatzidakis Antonis and Valsami Spyros. An ambulance also kindly sponsored by Corfumedica will cover the mountainous section centered on Mount Pantokratora.

Emergency Numbers

For the participating athletes, there will be two telephone numbers of the organization in a visible place on the BIB number (participation number) so that you can inform in case of need during the race. Abandoning a race can only be done at the fueling stations and after informing the station manager or by contacting the emergency telephones.

Safety Equipment

We remind the 80 and 35 km athletes that the equipment set by the organization as mandatory is a windproof jacket, aluminum blanket, mobile phone, head torch (only at 80 km) and a glass of liquids. The officials of the central feed stations have the right to carry out spot checks and disqualify the athlete if none of the above is present. Especially for the athletes of the 80 km race from Pantokratora and P. Perithia stations, there will be no departure if the conditions are not met, since there are quite a few chances of low cloud cover, which increases the risk of movement in a mountainous field during the night.

Weather Conditions

The organization reserves the right to ask for additional equipment such as long leggings, whistles, in order to ensure the safety of the athletes.

Κassios Dias Team